Not only am I fond of reptiles and do I specialise myself in getting al kinds of information about herbivorous ones, I also am a teacher. I teach children that are mentally challanged.  They keep me focused and up-to-date! 

Keeping reptiles, opening a specialized store and teaching by day is a challange on its own I think. I love the combination and of course my primary concern are the student I teach and my job as a teacher. 

Luckely my students are totally on board when I talk about my reptiles in class, they think it's rad that I keep so many of them and that I have a strore next to teaching in class. 

The only disadvantage I have being a teacher and owning is a store is, that I want to inform everyone before they buy something. I think that information and eductation are two very important pillars of understanding reptiles and keeping them.

If you want to buy a herbivorous reptiles from my shop come prepared and let me know how informed you are or ask information before you buy.... that way we will surely get along. 





In our opinion it is better to wait 20 years before buying a reptile, then getting head over heels into the purchase and before getting home, forgetting the basic care. A reptile, herbivorous or not, is not a toy or a gadget to play around with, it is a life animal that needs care, nurishment en proper understanding. If you don't have the basic knowledge that is OK, just read before you buy anything. Ask questions online, on facebook, in groups specialised in the type of reptile you would like te purchase. 

Do the research fist and learn... I know it is old school, but it is the only way to learn and understand the core values and princples needed to care for herbivorous reptils  (and other reptiles in general.)



According to some I have a lot of experience, according to others I need some more .... In my opinion I believe that every day you work with animals, herbivorous or not, you learn by observing and understanding their mood, needs, nutrition and just keeping in touch with basic principles. We do not proclamate knowing it all, there are others who are more educated, I'm sure. We are honest and want to improve in general and in what we lack in knowledge. 

Togehter we will understand and overcome all others! #Education #conservation #information
If you need information on any herbivorous reptile, we Reptiles & Herbivory are willing to help you out, by any means necessary! Please contact us and find out how well you are evolving in the world of herbivorous reptiles!