Uromastyx Nigriventris

Distribution: The area of ​​U.nigirventris is Morocco (the edge of the Atlas mountain range) and partly Algeria (Sahara Atlas). It is assumed that in some areas of Algeria there are natural hybrids resulting from crossbreeding with African Uromastyx (U.acanthiura) due to covering ranges of the western population of this second species.

Interesting facts: Moroccan Uromastyx untill recently were classified as a subspecies of the African Uromastyx (U.acanthiura).The earlier and still popular Latin name is Uromastyx acanthiura nigriventris.According to the latest research, these are separate species.

Habitat: Gravel deserts, semi-deserts covered with rock rubble, rocky steppes.It lives on dry stony areas with very low humidity of about 20%. Groups of a male and several females fiercely defend their district.

Terrarium: These are medium size ground-based lizards, which is why the most important is the surface of the so-called floor, which we can provide in captivity. Dimension 150 × 70 will be suitable for a pair.A height of 50 cm will be sufficient. Proper ventilation of the tank is necessary to maintain low humidity. We should not forget about the implementation of appropriate size of burrows, which will serve for thermoregulation lizards, shelter and help in moulting, thanks to the moist substrate.

Bedding: in our breeding we use a minearal substrate made of a mixture of sand and clay or organic substrate made of corn cobs.

Diet: with notification that Uromastyx also eagerly eats animal food like locusts or crickets. The insects can not, however, form the basis of a diet and should be given in limited quantities – once a week or every other week (too frequent feeding with such a food can lead to kidney failure).

Humidity/temperature: Low humidity 20-30%. The basking spot temperature is extremely high – around 50-55 ° C, ambient 30-40 ° C. night time temperature (20-22 ° C).