Uromastyx Geyri

Distribution: The geographic range of this species is the triangle inscribed in the areas of north-eastern Mali and north-west Niger, and the summit in the mountainous region of Hoggar in southern Algeria.The Adrar des Iforas plateau in Mali is a place where you can also meet a close relative – the Maliensis Uromastyx.

Interesting facts: Winter periods in the mountainous region of Algeria and in Mali are quite different from each other. The challenge of breeding is to adjust the wintering model for individuals with an unknown genotype. Nevertheless, the Saharan Uromastyx belongs to more and more often breeded species. Their human-friendly attitude, extremely attractive, vivid colors and a long period of daily activity are arguments in favor of these lizards.

Habitat: Deserts and semi-deserts. He lives in the dry, mountainous and stony areas of the Sahara. Many of their habitats abound in varied rock formations, caves and desert debris.It is not uncommon that temperatures fall below 0 °C during winter

Terrarium: These are medium-sized lizards, whose typical biotope is rock debris. Particularly good ventilation of the tank is necessary to maintain low air humidity. Provided that there are varied rock forms and climbing surfaces, the minimum size of the tank for a pair of individuals is 140x60x60 cm. We should not forget about the implementation of appropriate size of burrows, which will serve for thermoregulation lizards, shelter and help in moulting, thanks to the moist substrate.

Bedding: in our breeding we use a minearal substrate made of a mixture of sand and clay or organic substrate made of corn cobs.

Diet: with notification that Uromastyx also eagerly eats animal food like locusts or crickets. The insects can not, however, form the basis of a diet and should be given in limited quantities – once a week or every other week (too frequent feeding with such a food can lead to kidney failure).


Humidity/temperature: Low humidity 20-30%. The basking spot temperature is very high – around 50-55 ° C, ambient 30-45 ° C. night time temperature (20-22 ° C).