Conservation, education & information on all kinds of herbivorous reptiles

SACHA reptiles & Herbivory focuses on the conservation of herbivorous reptiles, by educating people and giving correct information on our main topic, herbivorous reptiles.


Started in 2010           

In 2010 we made our start to understand the nature of herbivorous reptiles in general. At that point in time, not a lot of them were available to buy and keep. So all of our study and research was initially done by reading educational papers and talking to people who had a lot of experience working with these reptiles.
At long last we were able to buy a few herbivorous reptiles, so practical study began to take form. A lot of trial and error led to a great success in breeding and keeping several beautiful herbivorous reptile species.

Looking for info about reptiles and finding my passion! 

A small store was the beginning of a big adventure... after a few years of trial and error, we started a small and very personal liitle store in the centre of Antwerp. And of course all about herbivorous reptiles. Small but adorable was the name that went viral and international!  Our proud, our love, our hobby!


READY ... SET... 

SACHA reptiles & herbivory isn't a real store, like you are used to. We are only here
to give you information and education on how to keep, breed and enjoy your herbivorous reptiles. 

We do sell some reptiles, but we work with lists. When you are interested in one of our reptiles, you can inform yourself on how to keep and maintain this animal. We you want to keep one, you can ask us if there are available. When so, you are put on a wainting list.